A large scattered environment running various applications on private cloud. Most of the applications were manually managed without any modern tooling. The IT organisation was traditional, where very team was working in silo's. A paradigm shift was needed to renew both the internal processes as the IT platforms used. Therefor a private cloud solution was created with a complete automation suite. On top of that configuration management and remote execution tools made sure that their new application landscape converged to latest standards.

The Challenge

This migration faced multiple challenges. Organisational ones as well as technical challenges. A new cloud platform, with automation features was set-up, ready to be used. More than 200 applications needed to be migrated. For this a lot of building blocks were missing or incomplete. Next to these technical challenges we faced their organizational struggles. A lot of teams, working in their own silo, needed to work together.

The Solution

We introduced the DevOps way of working. We started to use Agile Scrum and helped setting these processes up. We coached their internal people and advised on their organizational challenges. Their new private cloud infrastructure had all components to be fully automated. The only things missing where building blocks for the various types of applications. Configuration management and remote execution software were introduced. Together with their newly formed DevOps teams we created the building blocks and consulted on various topics. Slowly we were able to create more velocity during the project. Mainly due to the re-usability of these building blocks.

  • DevOps, Agile, Scrum
  • Faster time to market, High collaboration, great customer experience, innovative
  • CI/CD, GitLab CI, Azure DevOps, Github Actions, Jenkins
  • Infra as Code, Terraform, Cloudformation, ARM Templates
  • Configuration Management, Ansible, Chef, Puppet
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