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Cloud Readiness Assessment

You may have questions like:
Which of our applications are ready for the cloud? How much savings do we generate by migrating those applications to the the cloud? How do we gain more visibility into our cloud infrastructure? What is our roadmap for the legacy applications whose maintenance costs are increasing every year?

At The Factory, we understand that each application is different and is at a different stage in its life cycle. While most applications are ready to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, occasionally we find that some legacy applications require additional time for design and execution. So, we assess the cloud readiness for each application on multiple dimensions such as cost, performance, security, compliance, and software and hardware compatibility.

Cloud Assessment / Health Check

With a Cloud Assessment we can help you evaluate your current Cloud architecture against the latest technology industry best practices, to ensure you are getting the best value out of your public Cloud investment.

Is your Cloud architecture well-architected? Our Cloud experts can help you compare your Cloud workload against the latest industry techniques and standards. With this assessment we can provide you with comprehensive guidance to deliver a stable and efficient Cloud architecture.