About our culture

The basis of our culture

Before The Factory came into existence, we were already giving careful thought to creating a culture for people to thrive in and become a company people are proud to work at. This all began by thinking of how we could enable our colleagues to thrive, which meant we had to take away any fear of making mistakes. In the DevOps community, celebrating mistakes is common. So we created our Circle of Growth: We Break Stuff, We Learn, We Share, We Innovate. To us this sounds human and logical.


By telling people it is okay to make a mistake, we stimulate communication. At The Factory, no one needs to hold back on thoughts or ideas, and we enjoy the synergy this creates, especially when it comes to solving IT challenges. The biggest risk we run, is that we may have to run with our own ideas! If you do something you enjoy, we believe you will be good at your job. And with no immediate hierarchy in place, you are your own assessor. So think about how you’d like to assess your own work!

Challenge = Innovation

Working in a non-judgemental environment that fosters open communication, you truly are the master of your own destiny (yes, we know it sounds like marketing). Within The Factory, your colleagues will be challenging you by asking questions, which bring us ideas. And ideas bring us to ask even more questions. And bouncing ideas and questions off each other is a great way to drive innovation, which is what our customers appreciate so much in our way of working.

Ownership thanks to Equality

At The Factory, everyone is responsible for, and has ownership of, their own job, role or project. Getting so much responsibility with no immediate hierarchy in place can be intimidating, but everyone knows help is just a Teams chat or a phone call away. Your team members know who you are and where your responsibilities lie. And they are happy to discuss. They are aware everyone at The Factory is their equal, and they themselves might ask to tap into your insights in the future.

Trust & Respect

Work based on equality only is not enough for us. If you work at The Factory, we have hired you because we are comfortable trusting you completely. This means we trust you to evaluate your own decisions. We trust you will ask for help. We trust you will communicate and treat each other with respect. We trust you will share your thoughts and help your team. And we trust you to be part of our Circle of Growth.

Sharing & Empowerment

A hot topic these days is inclusiveness. Every person on this planet, and therefore every employee at The Factory, has a different background and has seen and experienced different things. What matters most at The Factory is that you are willing to share your experiences with your colleagues and that you are open to ideas and criticism. That is how you partake in our Circle of Growth and empower yourself and your team members to improve and innovate, and ultimately: thrive.