Recruiter F.A.Q.

Dear Recruiters!

We get approached by external parties on a regular basis. Fortunately we have established relationships with a few recruitment agencies who have a track record and understand – and fulfill - our needs. To save ourselves (and you) time, there is no point in calling us, or emailing us with offers. We will refer you to this FAQ.

So how about if you really do have that fabulous candidate?

You are welcome to email the CV of this candidate to Due GDPR requirements CV’s are only accepted if accompanied by the full candidate name, email address and current residence. We require you to mention to your candidate that you are offering their cv to The Factory, establishing a basis of trust and transparency. We will reply to your email within 5 business days.

How do I know what exactly you are looking for?

Look at our website: read the texts, watch the numerous videos and study our job descriptions at the careers section. Everything that you read at our website, is based on solid facts. We don't do marketing talks, instead we present ourselves the way we are. In the end, quality is all that matters. We will never settle for less.

But how about if you want to meet us in person? Or have other requests?

If you follow the information above, a lot can become possible. Happy hunting!