Recruitment procedure

Interviewing is something you do with the intention to make a positive change in your life. We know this. We want you to be as informed as possible and urge you to think of any questions you may want to have an answer to. Making a well-informed decision about your future is important to you, but also to the team members you will be joining at The Factory! We tailor our procedure to your needs (you may want to meet more people), so you can expect at least two, but sometimes three interviews followed by an offer if successful. These interviews can take place online or face-to-face. We do value meeting you in person and will discuss the options to find out what is convenient.

1st interview

During your first interview we want to get to know more about you as a person, and we want you to become well-informed about The Factory.

2nd interview

Expect to be queried about your technical knowledge! Perhaps you will be asked to give an example of a design you once worked on. Or you will be asked to draw a solution on the whiteboard, as we challenge your thought process. If you would like to demo something, you are welcome to do so! Most people have fun during this session. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, or challenge us!

3rd interview

If there is a 3rd interview, this will likely be face-to-face. We are flexible and may find a location to meet each other. Or come see our office where we tend to work and socialize together!


If the outcome of the interview is positive, we will send you an offer letter outlining what you can expect. If you agree to the offer we will send you a draft of our employment contract and agree a signing date where we can welcome you on board!

Pre-employment screening

Some of our customers require us to screen our employees. To avoid any delays we have a screening conducted.

Yeah! New job!

Welcome on board! Nice having you!