Meet the team: Our personal stories

Lars Nonnekes

Lars Nonnekes, our nature adventurer about his DevOps role.

For this edition, we had lunch with Lars Nonnekes. He expanded the horizon by bringing his skills as a software engineer further towards a DevOps engineer. Not only does he expand his horizon in Tech skills, but he also just finished the most challenging trail in Europe; the GR20.

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Marieke van der Marel

Marieke van der Marel, heads for customer success!

We had coffee with Marieke van der Marel. In this time of the year the sun comes up during her daily yoga practice, which follows by a good cup of coffee at her favorite coffee bar in Rotterdam. Ready for the day ahead!

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Jordy and Richard

Jordy de Rooij and Richard Blaauw

Meet Jordy and Richard, the dynamic duo powering a fast-growing 24/7 company where the stakes run high, and millions hinge on the creation of a rock-solid, highly available infrastructure.

But here's the twist - when they step away from the boardroom, their conversations take a fantastical turn into the realm of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS! Discover the intriguing duality of their lives, where innovation meets imagination. Stay tuned for insights into their epic adventures, both professional and fantastical!

#InnovationMinds #DungeonsAndDragons #CloudPlatforming

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Jordy and Richard

Lucas climbs every mountain

For this edition, we sat down with Lucas Wolfe. He explains why The Factory is a perfect match for him. And for anyone who has a spark of curiosity! He also shares why The Factory is a good match for candidates. Last but not least, hold on tight, his trail running plans in 2024. Read More

Max van der Meij

Max, our planty Tech Lead

For this edition, we had a call with Max van der Meij. He is about to deliver loads of automation experience as a cloud engineer to juniors. Besides this hobby-turned-career, he is an avid gardener trying to grow edible plants in his garden. Read More

Joep and Mike

Joep and Mike, founders of The Factory

For this edition, we had a French breakfast in the beautiful Dutch City of Delft. For both Joep and Mike entrepreneurship has passed from father to son. The duo complements each other's talents more than well, resulting in an impressive impact on customers and colleagues!

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more stories coming soon

More Stories coming soon!

More stories coming soon! Stay tuned to read more about our personal adventures at The Factory!