Cloud Management

We can help managing your cloud platforms.

AWS Azure Google

Continous Integration and Delivery

Do you need fully automated CI/CD pipelines, increasing the velocity of your teams? Then we can help!

AWS Code Pipeline Gitlab CI VSTS

Cloud Migrations

We can help you migrate current architectures towards public cloud.

Lift and Shift AWS Azure Google

Trusted Advisor

Are you really working effectively with your partners in the cloud? We can act as a trusted advisor. We can advise on your cloud strategy, help you find cost drivers and reduce them.

AWS Azure Google

Cost Savings

Costs optimization is a very important part of public cloud. With proper sizing, strategy and transperency you can cut out the overhead. We have great experience in this and are happy to help.

Lift and Shift Spot Pricing Serverless

Container Platforms

Container platforms like AWS ECS, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm. We can get this out of your hands and deliver a fully managed environment.

Docker Kubernetes EKS ECS

Data Pipelines

Machine learning, AI, big data. We can help you setup data pipelines, making sure you can start utilizing these new technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

AWS Azure Google

Cloud Audits

We can do an audit on your cloud. Where do you need to optimize, is your security properly arranged?

Audit Compliance

And More...

And of course we can do many more :-)

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At The Factory we run the cloud. We make your digital transformation a success. Together with our passionate experts we can help pave the road from strategy to execution. Our cloud architects and DevOps engineers implement solutions that reduce time to market, increase agility and scalability. We act as a trusted partner for all your IT projects.

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